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Make your podcast bigger, better, and more profitable. Together with other inspiring and dedicated podcasters. Join our mastermind!

Podcasting can be fun AND profitable

The podcast babes mastermind

It's our mission to enable mission-driven women to make an impact through podcasting.

Podcasting can be pretty lonely and busy, running around getting the next episode out there. Juggling a million tasks to show up consistently and grow your audience. Exhausting!

But it doesn't have to be!

That's what we will be working on in The Podcast Babes Mastermind! 

Are you hitting all your podcast goals
while having fun?

I see many podcasters struggling to prioritize their podcast. Life and business get busy, and the podcast falls to the bottom of the to do list. And I understand, because podcasting is a lot of work.⁠

But it won't get you the results you're hoping for if you're not putting in the work...⁠

That's why I created this mastermind! So you will know exactly what to do to increase your impact through podcasting, and have a group of ambitious podcasters as an accountability partner. ♥️ ⁠

In a small group of podcasters, we will focus on increasing your impact and making a profitable podcast.

You will get access to a new module every month to learn more about a different aspect of podcasting, made by me after working on 20+ different podcasts. But the best thing is that you're not only getting access to my tips and podcast secrets to achieve this, but also the tips and support from podcasters who are exactly in the same boat as you. ⁠

a network of likeminded podcasters

clear next steps

having accountability

desperate for guests

unable to figure out how to grow your podcast

inconsistent in releasing new episodes


Go from

feb - april 2022 
8-10 ambitious podcasters

New theme every month. The themes we will cover are podcast strategy, monetization, and promotion.

Videos and written content to learn more about that month's theme. See this as a mini-course on every theme!

Networking and accountability:

2 mastermind group calls per month. One at the start of the month to set goals and one at the end to ask questions and share experiences. Groups will consist of 8-10 ambitious podcasters.

Private community (on Kajabi) where you can post any question or concern you have during the month.


What's included:

After 3 months:

✨ You have a clear direction for your podcast.
✨ You have a podcast strategy that aligns with your goals.
✨ You have finally been consistently releasing episodes, because you have a group of accountability partners.
✨ You know exactly how to monetize your podcast.
✨ You convert listeners into clients.
✨ Your podcast is growing every month with new listeners.
✨ You have 7-9 new podcasters in your network, you're never feeling lonely on this podcast journey again.

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Is it time to have a group of ambitious women in your corner?


This mastermind is for you if you're ready to go next level with your podcast. This mastermind is NOT for you if you don't have a podcast yet, even if you're going to start one soon.

It is important that everyone in the mastermind is in the same boat, and already has a bit of experience podcasting. To make sure this is the case, the mastermind will be application only.

Is this mastermind for me if I don't have a podcast yet?

You will get access to the modules until 1 month after the end of the mastermind. However, there will also be a few pdf's and templates to download, which you can obviously use forever.

How long do I get access to the modules?

If you want to get the most of this mastermind, the time investment will be around 4 hours per month. There will be two 60 minute group calls per month, plus the module on that month's theme.

You can always invest more time if you want to hang out in the private community or plan a podcast recording with one of the other podcasters 🤩

How much time do I need to invest in the mastermind?

The mastermind is application only, because it's important that we're all in the same boat. You don't need to be extra cool to get selected (you probably are), but you do need a podcast with a few episodes out there. Even more importantly, you have to be super serious about this podcasting thing, you need to be determined to make it work. 

What are the criteria to get selected for the mastermind?

The tech side of podcasting is not part of the modules for this mastermind. However, you can always ask me and the other podcasters questions about this. This mastermind is a safe space to ask ANY podcast related question.

 Feel free to bring it up in one of the mastermind calls or post your question in the private community.

Will we talk about the tech stuff (mic, hosting platform, etc) on the mastermind?

For this mastermind I created a private community on Kajabi. This is the place to ask all the questions you have between our mastermind calls.

Short questions will be answered within 24 hours (by me or another podcaster), long questions will be addressed in the next call. No question will be left unanswered.

What to expect from the private community?