How To Stand Out In A Market Dominated By Established Podcasters?

There are more and more podcasts, and it becomes more and more difficult for podcasters to establish a name in a market full of competitors. But it’s not impossible!

In today’s episode, Louise Shanahan will share her podcasting journey and how she attracts audiences with her unique podcasting format in the freelancer industry. Listen in and learn how to stand out in a market dominated by established podcasters.

About Louise Shanahan

Louise Shanahan is a freelance health and medical copywriter at The Copy Prescription and host of the 15 Minute Freelancer podcast. 15 Minute Freelancer is your snack-sized guide to being your own boss and building a business and life you love. This podcast brings you practical strategies and behind-the-scenes stories, so you can create a freelance business that works for you.

In This Episode 

[01:45] What exactly is a 15-minute freelancer?

[02:24] How to build a freelancing business that works for you.

[03:47] Louis did market research on how she could compete with well-established podcasters.

[04:45] You can still be different when there are already big players in the market. 

[05:40] Louis shares how she started podcasting.

[09:08] What success looks like for Louise.

[12:02] Having guests on is excellent if you run out of topics to talk about because the guest brings the topic.

[13:44] The biggest challenge of hosting a podcast.

[15:16] Unexpected benefits.

[21:17] Louis shares how she keeps her interviews under 15 minutes.


The process of turning an idea into a script and then an audio file takes a lot of work, and it is easy to get lost in the process. Clear goals, maintaining focus on your target market, and relying on collaboration are essential if you want your efforts to be successful. 

If you plan to start podcasting, you have to find a topic that you are passionate about and knowledgeable about in order to effectively convey the message and the lesson you want your audience to learn.

There are ways to stand out in a market dominated by established podcasters.

“When there are already big players in the market, you can still be different.”

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