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How To Grow Your Podcast Community Through Facebook Groups

February 14, 2022

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For us podcasters, engagement and growth with our audience can be a challenge. But the good thing is there are Facebook groups to save the day!

Joining us today is Emily Dawn, a business goal coach, and a social media strategist. Her Facebook group Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs and Coaches has grown into 9000 other strong female business owners. She helps business owners hit their first 5-figure month with their Facebook group.

In this episode, Emily shares with us how Facebook groups can grow your podcast community. From benefits, tips, and mistakes to avoid, Emily treats us to an episode that can be a game-changer to how you can grow your podcast.

In this episode:

[01:37] Emily gives a background of what she does as a business goal coach and a social media strategist specializing in the Facebook group growth method.

[02:52] She started using Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn and later on realized, with the help of a business coach, she needs to focus on one platform – Facebook.  

[04:36] Understand the industry or business you’re a part of and choose the platform that suits your needs.

[06:59] Through a Facebook group, podcasters can also grow their community and increase engagement through posts.

[09:58] There are a lot of Facebook groups, but the way you show up and deliver your content makes you stand out.

[10:13] A saturated market is a market that works. And the only thing you need to do is to stand out. – Emily

[12:52] How to set up a Facebook group.

[14:25] Fill your community with people interested or invested in your podcast or your services, not just everybody.

[15:37] Post content even repurposed ones and start growing your audience right away.

[17:26] Benefits of having a Facebook group for podcasters.

[18:18] How autopilot growth takes place.

[20:33] Mistakes you need to avoid and how to solve them.

[20:39] Not optimizing their group profile. To reach your ideal listener or client, you need to optimize your profile.

[21:30] Showing up as if you have no audience. You need to show up regularly especially when you’re still starting, and you don’t have enough of an audience yet.

[23:06] Another benefit is the opportunity to grow your email list through your Facebook group.

[23:43] Start creating your email list at the beginning of your Facebook group.

[24:39] Give an option to your audience to include their email or not. 

About Emily Dawn

Emily Dawn is the business goal coach and a social media strategist, simplifying hitting your first 5-figure month with your Facebook group. You can find Emily hanging out in her group; Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs and Coaches amongst 9000 other strong female business owners. So if you are ready to ditch the overwhelm of the online coaching space and start embracing your God-given gifts, then Emily is your girl.

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