How Can You Make Your Podcast Brand Stand Out?

Welcome to the last interview that we have on The Podcast Babes Podcast for Season 5! 

This episode is an important one, I have with me Tonya and Michael of BrandFace. They will be talking about personal branding for podcasters. I’m excited to have them on the show because first of all, they are experts in their field. But also because they have been the sponsor of The Podcast Babes Podcast for this season. 

In this episode, aside from personal branding, I’m also going to ask them a few questions about podcast sponsorships, and how it is from a sponsors perspective. Let’s dive in!

In this episode:

[01:29] How BrandFace can help you stand out.

[02:48] Even with 2 million podcasts now, people still need to hear your voice.

[04:28] Your brand image impacts everything that you do, most especially how you market yourself.

[04:57] Know your why and infuse that everywhere you show up.

[06:11] What is the 3 D process and how can you apply it in podcasting.

[07:47] The biggest problem for podcasters.

[09:47] Knowing that ideal customer, knowing your point of differentiation, and maintaining the integrity of that is important, not just in podcasting, but in any business.

[11:14] The three people you’re trying to attract.

[13:59] 2 ways to monetize your podcast.

[15:38] Why sponsorship is important. 

[18:08] Align yourself with a sponsor that speaks to your audience.

[21:05] 5 critical questions that every great brand must answer.

About Tonya Eberhart & Michael Carr

BrandFace started as a project when Tonya was selling vacuum cleaners door to door to pay her way through college. Her approach was discovered by someone in the radio industry, and that began a career-long journey of helping serious professionals become recognizable business stars through the power of personal branding. Now, they are the only comprehensive personal brand-building system across the globe. They have impacted thousands of lives in 4 countries and 43 U.S. states by sharing their exclusive personal branding principles. Their clients have inspired them to create Be Bold Branding Podcast, 4 bestseller books, BrandFace Academy, and their Personal Power Brand program.

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