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Finding Your Podcast Voice

February 9, 2021

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Podcasting can be scary. Not only are you worried if anybody is going to listen to your show, but you are putting yourself out there in a vulnerable way. Getting behind a microphone and sharing your thoughts requires a level of confidence that many people struggle with.

In yesterday’s episode, Confidence Coach Brooke Lindsay shared with us some of her best tips on how to work past that fear. Today, I want to dig deeper into how to find your podcast voice because as you find your voice, you’ll naturally become more confident. Let’s dive in!


Finding your podcast voice

When launching your first podcast, it can feel pretty strange talking into a microphone. You need to communicate in a way that conveys your authority but also so that your listener is able to connect with you. This can be rather intimidating. 

One of Brooke’s tips from yesterday’s episode for new podcasters is to start where you are. This can be a challenge because a lot of us find ourselves battling imposter syndrome. A fear of being judged by other people and that everything has to be absolutely perfect before releasing the first episode. That’s how I felt before launching this podcast. 

Taking the first step to recording and releasing one episode starts the process of finding your podcast voice. For both Brooke and I, we did this by initially recording solo episodes. If you are not doing solo episodes yet, I want to challenge you to record a solo episode soon because you are completely in charge of the content. 

Even if you’re an established podcaster who primarily does interview episodes, I encourage you to try a solo episode. Interviews can actually be easier because your guests bring the content that will give value to your audience. Interviews are great and I love interviews, but they don’t help you find your voice like solo episodes. 

Finding inspiration from other podcasters

If you’re not happy with your podcast voice, take a look around the podcasting space. Look closely at the podcasters you admire. Why do you like what they do? I personally like podcasters who are very chill. It feels like you are listening in on a conversation between friends and that’s what I’m trying to achieve with this podcast. Even during solo episodes. 

Also look deeper at podcasters you don’t like and try to pinpoint what it is that rubs you the wrong way. For example, I dislike podcasts with a lot of ads in them. So you won’t be hearing anything like that in this show. 

Next time you listen to a podcast, take note of the show’s vibe, how they are speaking, and how it is resonating with you. Check out podcasts you’ve never heard before along with some of the big name shows. You’re going to identify things you like and dislike about all of them that you can incorporate into your own show. 

Incorporating your brand values into your podcast voice

How are your brand values incorporated into your podcast? In my brand, I value positivity so even though I’m sharing knowledge, I try to do that in a happy yet approachable way. I make sure on days I record, I’m feeling good and in a happy space energetically. I batch record episodes and can do up to 4 or 5 episodes in a day, but only as long as my energy is aligned with that. I’ll stop recording early if my energy fails because I want to ensure my brand values are evident to my listeners.  

If your brand is serious, then you can be more serious on your podcast and you don’t have to share as much of your personality. If your brand is a very personal brand, then your audience will resonate more when you share more of your personality. 

Think about how you want your listener to think about your brand. Your brand is not just colors and a logo. Your brand is also the audio of your podcast. It is the intro and outro music. The music is the first and last thing your listener hears and leaves an impression on them. Make sure it creates a feeling that aligns with your brand for your listener. 

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