Effects of Podcasting In Businesses With Samantha Parker

Keep it simple and enjoy it in the long run.

Podcasting is not difficult; you are the one who makes it difficult, and it always comes down to your purpose. If your goal is to get 10X downloads or make money, it will be extremely difficult to keep going. However, if your goal is to enjoy and share your own voice while making an impact, it will undoubtedly motivate and provide long-term benefits for you and your business.

In today’s episode, we have Samantha Parker, who will share her success in podcasting, from podcasting with a co-host to podcasting on her own. She will also share the interesting changes she made along the way and how she was able to get really big names like Gary Vaynerchuk on her podcast.

In this Episode

[1:30] Why and when did Samantha start podcasting?

[01:38] I always loved the idea of connecting with people and being able to have conversations.

[01:53] Samantha has been podcasting since 2017.

[1:57] Her previous podcast was The Badassery Podcast, and she started from scratch and created The Glittery Podcast.

[03:21] The hack to starting a podcast is to keep it simple.

[04:02] Your podcast depends on what your goals are, and for Samantha, she used it for her business.

[04:20] How the podcast fits into her business

[04:39] If you’re bringing guests to your podcast, you’re borrowing their listeners, and that’s kind of like the logistics of marketing behind it.

[05:09] Samantha thinks a podcast is an awesome tool to incorporate into your business as she uses it for promotion.

[05:20] Podcasting is a long-term game plan.

[05:58] She was able to interview amazing entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk and a lot of authors.

[06:34] Samantha shares how they invited Gary Vaynerchuk to their podcast.

[08:50] Having the big guest on wasn’t like the secret sauce that made us successful, but it really helped establish a lot of things for us.

[09:58] The things that made their podcast successful after having big names come on their podcast

[10:02] It gives Samantha more confidence to speak with anyone.

[11:25] What is the difference between The Badassery Podcast and The Glitter Podcast?

[12:37] Starting a podcast can be really healing for yourself because you’re able to tell your story and it gives you a space to share your voice.

[14:18] Samantha’s goal for her podcast is to have an impact on anyone’s life.

[14:56] Podcasting is not just about big money; it’s about setting aside those egos and thinking about how you can inspire someone.

[17:29] Advice to newer podcasters.

[17:33] The best thing you can honestly do is just get an editor, so all you have to do is show up and record.

 [18:18] Showing up and understanding that it’s part of your long-term plan.

[18:37] How does Samantha get people to listen to her podcast from her audience on different platforms?

[19:30] Mentioning it in her videos.

[19:46] Newsletters with podcast links.

[20:21] Repurposing content.

[20:27] Inform the guest that the episode is out and ask them to share it.

[21:10] Make sure it’s on your link and bio for people to see.

About Samantha Parker

Samantha Parker is host of The Badassery Podcast, The Glitter Podcast and a Social Media Content Creator. She helps drive strategy and implementation to bring profit to businesses. She has personally assisted her clients in generating multiple six figures online. 

She has also never backed down from a big idea. In fact, she is the queen of turning her passions into reality. She has created her own successful businesses in what seems like overnight, like founding Badassery Magazine. But truly what makes her badass and all glitter is her relentless drive to be the greatest version of herself, even if it requires her to reinvent herself. She just answers yes when her soul calls! Samantha makes being unstoppable look easy, even when it’s not. She invites all the women around her to join in her fun, glitter, and success. 

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