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5 Ways to Repurpose Your Podcast Content

December 21, 2020

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Content repurposing is easier than you think. I will be sharing some new ideas on how you can repurpose your podcast content on multiple platforms. It’s one of the simplest ways to make the most out of your show!


1. Audiograms on Social Media

Make a social media post about the contents of your episode. One way you can do this is to create an audiogram, which is a graphic with an audio snippet from the episode. Don’t forget to add captions to this one, because most people scroll through social media without their sound on! This is perfect to get people to listen to your podcast and give them a sneak peek. As a call to action, you can say, “Listen to my podcast episode here!” 

2. Other Social Media Posts

Remember to be creative when it comes to your social media uploads! You can create so many different social media posts from one episode. Just make an infographic, a quote card, or just add the caption along with a nice picture of yourself or your guest.

3. Get Started On That Blog ASAP!

Some people like to read instead of listening or scan through a blog post so they don’t have to listen to the whole episode. You can use tools like otter.ai to transcribe your podcast and then transform it into an article. This is a great way to accommodate different aspects of your audience. Or sometimes you get listeners who gained so many tips and good advice that they want to read it again or use it later as a reference.

Blogs also help for SEO reasons. Google only knows what your podcast episode is about if you tell them. You can tell them by writing a blog post and including all the keywords that are important in your episode because Google does not have ears. You have to write it down if you want Google to know what your episode is about. So that is another reason to definitely create a blog post about your podcast episode.

4. Don’t Forget About LinkedIn

Use that blog post and post it on LinkedIn as a native article. This is a really cool feature on LinkedIn that not many people use. It performs better than just a post with a link to your blog post because it increases your reach so much more. Then at the end of that native article, you can always add a link for your audience to listen to the audio.

5. YouTube is Also a Search Engine

Now for tip #5, create simple YouTube videos. One easy way to do this is just to record a video while you record a podcast episode. It doesn’t have to be interesting! Even if it’s a solo episode, you can just make a video when you talk to your microphone. It’s really cool for listeners to see a little behind the scenes moment. 

If you don’t want to do this, you can also use a graphic as the background and just post the audio on that graphic (I don’t prefer this option, but it is less of a step). To edit videos, I use Filmora. When you are editing your videos, you can add a graphic, add the audio, and upload to YouTube. 

It’s really an easy way to have your podcast on a different platform because YouTube is also a search engine! There are so many people who just search on YouTube, instead of on Google. And when you search on Google, so many YouTube videos come up.

*Bonus Tip*

Surprise! Our last tip is to use your podcast episode in a course that you have. If you have an online course, you can easily talk about a subject and mention at the end, “Hey, I also have a podcast episode about this. Check it out if you want to learn more.” Some course creators do this to lead their listeners to other content. I would highly recommend thinking about this if you are making an online course. 

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